The VIP customers of a company must be treated with great care. Whether in the context of concluding contracts, establishing partnerships, company visits, or simple appointments, VIP transport must be taken care of with particular attention. In order to treat important clients and prospects in the best possible way, many companies opt for the services of a private chauffeur in Paris for their VIP clients. VIP transfers, customer appreciation, quality of service, find out why you should use a VIP driver in Paris.

A private chauffeur in Paris for your VIP clients

Companies that use a VIP Paris driver for their clients’ trips have understood that the company’s brand image is at stake. From the transfer of people from their point of arrival in the capital to the company’s headquarters, or their place of residence, it is necessary to show that the company receives them with honours. A private driver and a top-of-the-range vehicle is an excellent way to establish a healthy relationship based on respect for the client’s status. The private driver can also take care of driving the clients to restaurants, to the place of events organized by the company or to the high places of the capital for a bit of sightseeing. Using a private chauffeur in Paris when VIP clients come to Paris also means that a full-time driver is not required. It also means that you don’t have to worry about having a top-of-the-range vehicle in your professional fleet, or having to pay for its maintenance and insurance. This option therefore maximizes the comfort of customers or potential VIP customers, while minimizing the company’s expenses.

Transfer with a VIP driver Paris

The services of a VIP Paris driver are very useful to take care of customer transfers. Whether they arrive at the airport or at the train station, a personal driver waiting for them to take them to their destination, as well as to bring them back on their return journey, is a mark of privileged attention. The private driver in Paris takes care of VIP transfers to the company, to the hotel, or to another location. He can intervene over several days to drive VIP clients, guests or important collaborators and facilitate their travel in the capital. His experience allows him to avoid any stress regarding schedules, drop-off locations, travel times, etc. The valorization of the customers or important collaborators by an impeccable welcome and transfers from Orly or Roissy CDG, or from Montparnasse, Gare de Lyon, Saint-Lazare, Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est, is a plus for the company. It shows the consideration of the company’s managers for its VIP customers who will appreciate such attention.
A VIP driver Paris on the long term The company has no more worries to worry about, all your VIP clients’ travel is taken care of during their stay. No need to rent a car by the month or year, or to buy and maintain your own high-end vehicle for infrequent use. Moreover, opting for the long-term services of a private chauffeur to manage business trips in Paris means establishing a relationship of trust. The company knows that it can count on a highly professional service provider, and your VIP customers travel with drivers they know. Having a private driver in Paris for your VIP clients shows this category of professional partners that they deserve better than a taxi ride. They are not like everyone else, and you show them the importance you attach to their well-being, from their VIP transfers to private vehicle visits of the capital.